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Greetings! My name is Susan and I am grateful to you for coming by my Plant Hangers & Suncatchers web shop -!

Whether it's a single basic plant pot hanger, a big order of decorative plant hangers, or suncatchers for windows we make each plant hanger, hanging basket hanger and suncatcher to the ultimate quality models of function and art. Know that when you buy from Macramenia, you are receiving real made-to-order plant pot hangers, decorative plant hangers & plant basket hangers and actual stained glass suncatchers with superior materials and the pride of outstanding craftsmanship. is proud to be the singular source online offering Plant Hangers employing the 3 most popular Plant Hanger Cords: Hemp Plant Hangers, Jute Plant Hangers and Nylon Plant Hangers. Our Suncatchers are actual stained glass suncatchers!

FREE Shipping is also available for plant hanger (macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger, and outdoor plant hanger) and suncatcher sales sent to US addresses from Macramenia!

If you fancy plants as I do, you probably desire to present naturally and beautifully in your precise setting. Macramenia Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers are incredible options for doing just that.

Preserving plants in a "happy spot" for them to flourish can be trying. The use of Plant Hangers gives you more organic options to work with. My African Violets, for example, favor hanging in front of a southern exposure window with a blind for filtered sunlight.

Looking at the History of Macrame and Plant Hangers, some things have progressed even since the 1970's. Applying hemp, glass beads, and a greater range of colored, wooden beads are the most significant contributions I have contributed with in this transformation.

Have some Plant Hanger Ideas of your own?

I have created many custom decorative plant hangers, plant pot hangers and macrame plant hangers for sale. For both small house plant hangers and large heavy duty plant hangers, I've created a variety of exclusive beaded plant hangers, decorative indoor plant hangers and outside plant hangers for clientele. I'd love to make some Custom Plant Hangers with you too. Contact Me with your request!

I also like producing Stained Glass Suncatchers! I was fortunate to learn some of my stained glass techniques from some stained glass artists in Northern California. I have found that Plant Hangers and Suncatchers make fast friends. In fact, my glass beaded plant hangers were inspired by my stained glass suncatchers. Macramenia Plant Hangers and Suncatchers create great gift sets!

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You did a great job again. Will tell my friends about your outstanding macramenia.

- Michael