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Plant Hanger Cords Plant Hangers are the idyllic way to display plants naturally and beautifully in your exact location.

Macramenia Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers come in an assortment of materials, styles and sizes. With everything from petite plant pot hangers to large decorative plant hangers, there are a lot of options for finding that ideal macrame plant holder, indoor hanging plant holder or plant hanger for outdoors you've been searching for. is proud to be the solitary supplier on the world wide web offering Plant Hangers employing the 3 most popular Plant Hanger Cords: Hemp Plant Hangers, Jute Plant Hangers and Nylon Plant Hangers.

The style of rope you should pick is contingent on how and where you will be situating your beaded plant hangers, indoor house plant hangers or outdoor heavy duty plant hangers. Here are various facts in regards to each type of cord, and suggested plant hanger uses:

Hemp is an extraordinarily hardy, long-lasting, natural rope. Hemp plant hangers, hanging basket hangers and macrame hangers have a smoother look and quality than jute plant hangers. The strings are characterized by their tremendous strength and resistance to mold and mildew. Macramenia Indoor Plant Hangers made crafted of hemp are ideal for long-term use indoors, even in damp environments.

Jute is called has been is termed as "The Golden Fiber" due to its natural sheen. Even though its the least expensive of the cord, it is also remarkably durable. Macramenia Indoor Plant Hangers made constructed of jute ought to last for decades, though they might "yellow" over time if exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Jute plant hangers do have decreased strength when consistently damp and become subject to microbial attack in very moist conditions.

Nylon (polypropylene) is perhaps the most resilient of the 3 ropes. The gentle and adaptable man-made rope holds knots well, and is strongly endorsed by Macramenia for Outdoor Plant Hangers. Any outdoor plant hanger can eventually break down if exposed to a lot of moisture but a nylon macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger or outdoor heavy duty plant hanger will last the longest. Polypropylene may perhaps be affected by sunlight deterioration, but its life may be lengthened by lessening on its exposure to direct sunlight.

NOTE: Regardless of what rope decided on for your potted plant hangers, outdoor flower pot hangers or indoor hangers for plants, we strongly suggest utilizing a saucer under every potted plant. This will protect the base of your Plant Hangers from the usual wetness that ensues when watering plants.

Where To Buy Plant Hangers?

Pot hangers for plants ceiling plant hangers, outside plant hangers - whatever you know them by - all varieties of Plant Hangers are trending in a big way. is the spot to be to locate just the right decorative plant hangers for you. Go retro with our vintage style Macrame Plant Hangers. Hold your Hindu rope plant and/or other budding buddies in our Indoor Plant Hangers. Your potted porch pals and blossoming buddies will adore our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

FREE Shipping available for plant hanger (macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger, and outdoor plant hanger) and suncatcher orders sent to US addresses from Macramenia!


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Macramenia Customer Feedback:

Received the hangers today and they fit perfectly. Looks just like your pictures - actually I've had something like it for years and years when finally one gave out. So, I'm real happy I found you. Thanks again.

- Christina